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Customer Reviews

7 months ago
Always friendly, helpful, and personable! Molly, Amy, and crew have taken good care of us as customers. They make sure my jewelry looks the best it can, whether that's cleaning, inspecting, or repair. They set my husband up with my wedding set and then his wedding band, done appraisals, redesigned family jewelry, repaired multiple things - all at reasonable cost. Give them a visit, you won't regret it!
3 months ago
I’ve done business with Molly and Ami for the last few years, and they are fantastic! I highly recommend them for all of your jewelry needs!
7 months ago
Molly always does amazing work! She’s the only one I trusted to resize my wedding rings and they are perfect!
7 months ago
Always love everything they have!! And, especially love my ring- I rarely take it off. They even shipped it to me!! Wonderful service, and jewelry 😍
3 years ago
I have been doing business with Molly's since they opened. They have taken great care of my wedding ring, she cleaned and tightens the stone and spend extra time to make sure everything is secure. My husband has purchased several things for me at Molly's they always give him great advice. Excellent customer service.